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Program Summary
As a Clinical Medical Assistant, you will assist the physician, carry out procedures, care for patients, perform basic lab tests and administer medication while working in a physician’s office or clinical setting. This 
course combines 134 hours of classroom instruction (including quizzes and activities online) and off-site externship of 160 hours to provide students with a comprehensive learning experience. Sierra College Community Education brings you this program in partnership with Career Training Solutions. 

Roseville Center
316 Vernon Street
Roseville, California 95678

Course Fee - Preregistration is required
$ 2,399;  Tuition includes supplies, CPR certification and certification examination.  Please Note: Textbook must be purchased by student separately cost approximately $180.  Students must give a 7-day notice before class start date for cancellation and refunds. Enroll here.

Refund Policy
If student requests to withdraw from the class it must be submitted in writing to the Community Education Office. A refund will be granted under the following conditions and less the appropriate fees:

If received seven (7) days prior to the starting date, the refund amount will be course fee LESS: $250 Administrative fee. If received prior to the third class meeting, the refund amount will be course fee LESS: $400 Administrative fee. *Plus prorated class attendance and consumable supplies to be calculated. (varies by program; up to $450 depending on classes attended)

No REFUND will be granted after the third class meeting. Students who are dismissed from the program are not eligible for a refund. These are intensive programs and we make no guarantee of completion or passage.

Community Job Survey
Starting pay $12-18 per hour.  The US Department of Labor indicates the need for Clinical Medical Assistants is expected to grow by 27.7%. 

“Eligible” students will be placed in externships. An eligible student is one who has all prerequisites and has successfully completed the classroom portion of the course. Full details will be given during the first class session. 

Minimum 18 years of age and high school completion or its equivalent is required.  Students need competency in, or completion of a basic computer operations course. Students need to have a basic mastery of English reading and comprehension and math basics.   Students will be required to have access to the Internet, printing capabilities and an email address. Prior to placement in an externship, students will need to show proof of completing a CPR course for the Healthcare Provider, and submission of a resume. 

Certificate of Completion will be awarded after successful completion of the course and externship. Graduates will be eligible to take the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) exam to become a certified Clinical Medical Assistant. In addition, graduates will be qualified to apply for optional certification.

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    { The class was wonderful. We got to do hands on training that helped me succeed in my externship.  The knowledge and skills I obtained from this class helped me get a job! }  
Jaime Rosas-October 2015