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Motorcyclist Training Course

Clothing Requirements:  “No Skin below the Chin”

Please note: If you are not properly dressed, you will lose your place in class and will need to reregister and pay for another class.

If you are under 18, you must have a parent or guardian accompany you to the first class session to sign a waiver form.  If your parent or legal guardian is unable to come with you to the first class, their notarized signature on the waiver form will be accepted.  You may request that a waiver form be mailed to you in advance of the first class.

You must bring one of the following valid documents to class:

Class times and locations: Go to our website at, Click "Search" and type Course number "1100".  

Please Note:
3-Day Schedule Motorcycle Riding in the AM
2-Day Schedule Motorcycle Riding in the PM

This class is designed for riders with no prior motorcycle experience; however, there may be students with experience in your class.

We provide the motorcycles for this class.  You are to bring your own helmet; however, we have helmets to loan if you do not have one already.

Scooters available!
If you would like to use one of our scooters during the course, please call (916) 781-6280 to reserve one at no additional charge. Because scooter availability is limited, reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis.

Class Fees and Parking Fees:  The cost for the Motorcycle Training course is $250.00. Under 21 is $170.00. (must register on the phone or in person to get the discount)  There is a three-dollar charge for parking on campus except on weekends and school holidays.  The dispensers in the parking lots takes either MC or VISA or dollar bills. 

Refund Policy:  ​ Please call our office at 916-781-6280 to request to withdraw from a class; the request needs to be seven (7) days prior to the starting date, a refund will be granted, less a $15 transaction fee. Transfers needs to be done 24 hours before class start date.  Please note there is "no refund" for transferred classes and only one transfer available.

Classroom Supplies:  You may find a pad of paper and a pencil to be helpful during classroom session.

Be Prepared:  Learning to ride a motorcycle safely demands an alert mind and a physically sound body. Get a good night’s sleep before all class dates.  You may bring a sack lunch if you wish.

Spectators:  Only the students are allowed in the classroom.  Experience has shown that it is not in your best interest to have family or friends observing during the on-cycle sessions.

Attendance:  You are required to show up 15 minutes prior to all class times. You must attend all sessions of the course and pass the written and riding tests to graduate from the course and obtain your completion certificate.  The California Motorcyclist Safety Program (CMSP) has approved Sierra College as a site administrator for the training!

Upon successful completion of the riding and written exams, you will receive by mail the DL389 DMV course completion certificate needed to obtain your motorcycle license.  Please allow 10 working days after the last day of class for processing and mailing of this certificate.

How To Register:

There are five easy ways to register:

How to Replace your DL389:

Go to
Click FAQ
Then select the question that says “How do I obtain a DL389 replacement?”